LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay

The first push-button and automated solution for profiling cell health, death, apoptosis and necrosis, label-free

The LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay from Nanolive is a robust, unbiased, and reproducible assay for increased predictive value and improved decision making.

Increase predictive value through high content data

Improve translational relevance by studying cells in co-culture

Accelerate drug discovery with automated workflows

Standardize processes for greater reproducibility

Unbiased data, measure cytotoxicity label-free

Increasing translational relevance of in vitro early discovery and toxicology

The LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay is an AI-powered digital assay with fluorescent labelling that monitors the responses of different cell lines in co-culture simultaneously. Acquire and visualize data in 96-well plates with Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer 96focus imaging platform.

Fluorescence quantification is used in combination with AI-analysis to separate cells into subpopulations, before analysis. This allows death kinetics to be calculated over time, for each subpopulation, including the rate of cell death, and the numbers of living, apoptotic, and necrotic cells. Subpopulations can be used to monitor separate responses in different cell lines, or for monitoring groups of cells from the same cell line.

This allows for more biologically relevant in vitro experiments that more accurately represent the in vivo condition, meaning improved translatability of data to the clinical stage.

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Complete quantitative metrics

The LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay generates novel metrics that cover all aspects of cell health and death label-free. Standard package metrics are also provided for living, dead, necrotic, and apoptotic cell populations.

LCDA Metrics

Product Presentation “High content phenotypic cytotoxicity monitoring in co-culture”

Characterize the responses of individual cell lines and subpopulations in co-culture to increase the translational relevance of early discovery and toxicology studies: Nanolive’s NEW cytotoxicity assay combines our AI-powered analysis with fluorescent labelling for the first time.  

During this product presentation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Witness remarkable high content imaging data that reveals dynamic cellular responses in real-time.
  • Gain insights from industry leaders in industry, and academia, who have leveraged Nanolive’s platform to advance their own groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Explore how our LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay empowers you to streamline workflows, save time, and enhance the predictive value of your investigative toxicology assays.

Nanolive's automated imaging platform

The 3D Cell Explorer 96focus

Unlock the power of unlimited high content live cell analysis with the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus. Our unique approach enables analysis and re-analysis of label-free image data with our AI-powered digital assays. As always, the simple, autonomous workflow ensures that your precious time in the lab is used efficiently, and you can be confident that your samples are in good hands, whether you are imaging for an hour, or days.

  • Streamlined, automated workflows: save time and money
  • Long-term monitoring of cells label-free
  • High content, multiplexed, reliable live cell data
  • Fully integrated, cutting-edge digital analysis solutions


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