Nanowebsite updates, New Nanoffice, and NANOPARTY!!

These hot summer days are even hotter at Nanolive, as usual many things are going on and making all the team prouder and prouder 🙂

First of all I am very happy to announce that our website is getting updated.

Our main page got a scroll-down from where you will be able to access our latest news, subscribe to our newsletter and much more… Check it out here!

Moreover two new pages were added: explore our Awards and Testimonials. With these two pages we want to express our gratitude to all people who supported us since the beginning during the most challenging periods of entrepreneurial development, making much lighter all the work load and giving us the energy to grow day after day.


New awards page on Nanolive’s website


New testimonial page on Nanolive’s website

Last, but not least, as already announced last week, we moved  to a much bigger office space (160m2) at the floor 0 of our building, don’t miss the chance to come and visit us.

Come to our party next Wednesday, it’s going to be great fun!