Nanoparticles internalization

“The 3D Cell Explorer enables us to study chromatin condensation and nanoparticle uptake in live cancer cells, which wouldn’t be possible with other methods." Dr. Clemens Grassberger, Harvard Medical School


MCF7 cells incubated with gold nanoparticles



Characterize Nanoparticles (NPs) interactions with cells instantly and in 4D

Observe how nanoparticles get internalized by cells marker-free & 3D

  • Real-time monitoring of NPs uptaking/internalization process
  • Monitoring of living cell morphological changes due to NPs interaction
  • Kinetic and Dynamic studies of NPs uptaking
  • NPs 3D localization inside cells
  • NPs characterization (dimensions/shape/density etc.)
  • Analyse nanoparticle induced morphological modifications
  • Study and quantify nanoparticle accumulation in a specific cell compartment


HeLa cells incubated with nanodiamonds



Study nanodiamonds internalization & 3D vistribution in living cells

Measure how cells uptake nanodiamonds and where they localize in 3D

  • Observe the nanodiamonds circulation in the whole cell volume
  • Quantify nanodiamonds internalization