Nanolive’s Californian dream week

The last one has been a pretty intensive week for Nanolive. A new team composed by Davide and myself left Europe for a new American adventure :-).

Destination: 60th Biophysical Society meeting in Los Angeles.

We shared the booth with our friends and Californian distributors: Barnett-technicals 

People were amazed by our system and kept on coming to the booth looking for more and more information. 


Nanolive’s Californian dream team. From the left: Gordon Fromm, Steve Barnett, Davide Merulla, Lisa Pollaro (myself :-)) and the 3D Cell Explorer.

After BPS was over, Davide & I jumped on a plane and flew to San Francisco were Steve (Barnett) was waiting for us to start an intensive road trip of the bay area: Berkeley, Santa Clara University, Stanford, UCSF, CHORI. The schedule was pretty tough but, as usual, the enthusiasm of people gave us all the energy we needed to keep on. 


Interested researchers trying the 3D Cell Explorer in Gong group, Berkeley


Davide presenting the 3D Cell Explorer in Shriram Center, Standord


Interested researchers trying the 3D Cell Explorer in UCSF (Genentech hall)

Now it’s time for me to fly back while Davide will carry on the trip to south California. If you are in Los Angeles on Monday and Tuesday and San Diego on Wednesday do not hesitate to contact us: