@ Nanolive we inspire people of all ages to Explore and Discover Science

At Nanolive we deeply believe in the power of education. 

One of our main goals for the next future is to make the 3D Cell Explorer affordable for schools to give students of all ages the opportunity to engage in their own cell experiments and experiences. The 3D Cell Explorer is the perfect tool to allow students worldwide to finally study cells in a complete and interactive way. 

November 12th was the annual job day for the Canton of Vaud and the Innovation Parc of EPFL took a very nice initiative about it and organised a workshop called “And if I was an entrepreneur”. 

Young students between 10 and 12 years old came to visit few start-ups to learn more about entrepreneurship and about what it means in the everyday life. 

Long story short: we welcomed two groups of enthusiastic students who had a live demo of our microscope from Chris (with their own cells, like we did with Louis few months ago) and then went around the company to meet the team.

Here are the words of Jordi Montserrat Co-managing director at Venture Kick and organizer of the workshop: “We wanted to organize a startup visit for our workshop “And if I was an entrepreneur”  for the job discovery day of children, and Nanolive came immediately into our minds: a startup changing the world by bringing everyone the chance to be able to observe their own cells in 3D with an instrument that promises to change all the rules of biology. And to meet the people who are creating it. And we were proven right! They loved it!”

It was a very nice experience that we are definitely willing to repeat soon!


Interested young students exploring cells with Chris and visiting Nanolive 🙂