Nanolive @ Seeing is Believing: because we do it different

This week Yann and I were in Heidelberg, participating to Nanolive’s first imaging conference: Seeing is Believing.

The hottest topic of this conference was without any doubt: Super-resolution microscopy with the 2014 Nobel laureates Stefan Hell, Eric Betzig and WE Moerner as Keynote speakers and the most repeated words Fluorescence, STED, PALM, SIM, light-sheet.

It was a huge challenge for Nanolive and, I have to admit, we were a bit afraid about the reactions… Instead, it was GREAT. People were very curious to visit our booth, very enthusiastic about our technology. They kept on bringing their colleagues and friends over. Many people already knew us and wanted a live demo of the instrument.

Last but not least, we managed to convey to our booth all the three Nobel and we got the chance to dance with Stephan Hell during the Gala Event of the conference 🙂

Enjoy the pictures!


Nanolive’s booth


Prof. Stefan Hell discussing with some conference attendees in front of our booth


Prof. WE Moerner discussing with some students in front of Nanolive’s booth

IMG_7209 IMG_7218