Nanolive is ready to fly to EB2015

After all the Swiss good news of the last weeks Nanolive decided to take a new challenge and to fly to the US to participate in a very big BIO conference: Experimental Biology 2015 (#EB2015).

Over there two important events will take place:

1. First-time exhibition of our product outside Switzerland

US visitors will finally be able to touch our microscope with their own hands and see and interact with it live!

2. Launch of The Cell Viewer

Thanks to the cell viewer everyone will be able to play and interact with cell data instantly from any devices!

Just follow this link and you will be rerouted to an especially dedicated page on our website where two different kind of viewers are accessible:

a. Surface viewer: this is our 3D isosurface rendering. With the surface viewer you are able to explore your 3D cell data in a very fast mode. You can access and share the viewer from any devices (phones, tablets, desktops). 



b. Voxel viewer: is a 3D volume rendering produced by our Californian partner BisQue. With this viewer you are able to get a highly detailed reconstruction of the cell. Moreover you have a lot of different tools at your disposal to interact with the cell data (supported by standard desktops using Chrome or Firefox browsers).




Come to visit us @ Booth #426, Swiss chocolate will be offered 😉