Nanolive is abroad again: Demos @ Berkeley & Stanford

After San Francisco and Vegas, our US trip ended with a bang: a couple of demos in two of the most prestigious universities of the world: Berkeley and Stanford.

Many researchers came to follow our talk and brought their samples for testing. It was really exciting to witness all the applications that our little microscope will have and its dramatic potential for the research of so many different labs. 

Here a couple of pics from our presentation at Stanford. 


Yann passionately presenting Nanolive & the 3D Cell Explorer


Full conference room: we were amazed by the big number of Interested Stanford researchers 

A special thanks goes to Holly Aaron from the Molecular Imaging Center @ Berkeley and Cédric Espenel, manager of the Cell Sciences Imaging Facility @ Stanford for the organization of the event, the lab space and, above all, their time.

Last but not least, our highest gratitude to our super friend Colin Comerci for being able to involve so many people to our demos from all around the bay. 

I want to close this blog post with a nice image taken with the 3D Cell Explorer, Colin and Qunxiang @ the Stanford main entrance on our last night … We really enjoyed our time on the West Coast and we hope to come back soon!