Nanolive conquered Japan

It looks like Nanolive conquered Japan Medtech as well!!

For this blog post I leave you in the hands of the real protagonist of this adventure, Martina Biserni, R&D biologist, from Tokyo:

“We were invited from the Swiss embassy to represent the Swiss excellence in Education, Research and Innovation. We had the chance to present our technology as main exhibitor of the Swiss embassy booth at one of the largest trade-show dedicated to the design and manufacturing of medical devices in Japan (MedTec) at the Swiss Booth Pavillon among other institutions and highly innovative companies in the Swiss scenario.

Last week, my colleague Berty and I, introduced, for the first time, the 3D Cell Explorer to the Japanese Market. We are really proud to announce that there was a huge fascination around our technology and people were truly impressed. The innovative technology which is behind our device and the promising applications made everyone gasp.

I can proudly announce that it was one of the best experience I had so far. Thank you Nanolive for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to repeating it soon.”

I attach some photos of our booth kindly provided by Kyoko Suzuki from the Swiss Embassy, you’ll find more on our Facebook page very soon!

Nanolive conquered Japan
Berty Tyloo and Martina Biserni – our team in Tokyo.


Nanolive conquered Japan
Berty and Martina in action.