Looking inside Xmas

It’s already Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

As it happens for everyone, also for Nanolive the last week of the year is the time to take stock of this first year of life. Many good things happened in 2014 as you could witness from my constant spam on social media and on the blog. As it is normal, together with the happy moments always come also less good or unexpected ones… But that is part of life and even more of start-up life. It is like a roller-coaster, with plenty of ups and downs. I can anyway state without any doubt, that, for Nanolive, the rises were many more than the descents and the mood of the team together with the successes achieved during the last weeks of work make me believe that we are determined to keep on climbing!

I know that I left you last week in the middle of our super exciting trip in the US and I promise, the second part of the journey will be published soon, but now it’s Christmas time: you and I need to rest and to think just about family, presents, and FOOD.

I wish you merry Christmas in a quite unusual way with one of our cells (one of the most important ones) dressed-up for the occasion. I apologize with Charlotte and Sorin (from the Nanolive team) who don’t like it 😉


Enjoy your Christmas! Talk to you soon!