Looking inside 2015

And here we are: 2015, a new year arrived and Christmas holidays are almost over…

Let’s use this post to announce some Nanolive’s new year resolutions:

  • Nanolive has been and will be working nights and days to get the 3D Cell Explorer ready for delivery for summer 2015
  • Pre-orders are still going on with a new and sensational offer: the Smart Neuron OFFER. This offer will allow you to get our 3D Cell Explorer with a 30% discount and it will last until March 31st… Don’t miss this opportunity, order it now!
  • STEVE (Software for Tomographic Exploration of LiVing CElls) will soon be ready for free download from our website:
    • Brand new design
    • Brand new features: digital staining with Panel Viewer of index-gradient-space, Interactive manipulation of stains, cross-sections views, and basic measurement tools
  • New year’s gift: Click, play & share our online cell-viewer

I conclude this, still holidays post wishing you a wonderful 2015 with another one of our favourite cell images, this time they are yeasts… (I start enjoying this cell masquerade… ;-))

Happy new year