The Department of Chemistry from the Jinan University publishes their work with the 3D Cell Explorer

We are very excited to share with you another publication from users of the 3D Cell Explorer. Our distributor Worldwide China’s customer – The Jinan University – published their article in the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Journal of Materials Chemistry B“.

In their paper they explore the adhesion between RBCs and endothelial cells with multicolor Fluorescence carbon dots (F-CDs) with the aim of studying cellular functions in a new fashion and extending the application of CDs for “the study of cellular functions, physiological and pathological states”.

The 3D Cell Explorer was used to characterize the adhesion of RBCs to endothelial cells without the use of F-CDs to prove that RBCs adhere more avidly to injured endothelial cells compared to normal endothelial cells.