Non-invasive exploration of host-pathogen interactions live and in 3D

Nanolive is inviting you to attend our talk at the  LS2 ANNUAL MEETING 2018 in Lausanne next week Tuesday 13th of FebruaryWe will introduce our technology and its implications for live cell research. Luca Clario, Senior Application Specialist at Nanolive, will hold a talk at 14:00 at the AMPHIPÔLE / AMPHIMAX in Lecture Hall 351 about this innovative imaging technique and its intriguing discoveries in the field of intracellular infection. 

Have a look at some of our most precious infection material here below:


With the 3D Cell Explorer you can monitor extra and intra bacteria infection in mammalian cells, e.g.


Listeria infection



  • Monitor cell reactions (e.g. apoptosis) to bacterial infection in real-time
  • Monitor bacterial growth in the cell culture


HeLa cells infected with Chlamydia.



  • Identify elementary bodies inside new infected cells
  • Follow the fusion of elementary bodies into inclusions and then into reticulate bodies until cell lysis
  • Measure size and volume of intra-cellular inclusions


Monitor the progression of pathogen infections inside unlabeled living cells in real time, e.g.


Mef cell infected by Toxoplasma gondii.



  • Identify the parasitophorous vacuoles created during parasitic entry into the cell
  • Follow the Tachyzoites multiplication inside the vacuoles
  • Monitor host cell death and rupture, followed by tachyzoites release


Human blood smear infected with Plasmodium falciparum.



  • Recognize the different phases of the malaria parasite reproductive cycle
  • Monitor the infection progression inside cells in real-time
  • Study the morphological modifications caused by the parasite
  • Diagnose the disease in one second

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

For more information on our technology and applications, please visit our website.