Nanolive’s surprises for you…

On Tuesday evening, Nanolive celebrated its first birthday with a big party here at our headquarters!  Lots of people came to celebrate with us and we took this chance to unveil some of our most important milestones so far: our software STEVE as well as the design of our latest prototype.

A big thanks to all the people who participated in the event and who made this night very special for us.

To start off the evening, the three founders (Yann Cotte, Sebastien Equis, Andreas Kern) and Christopher Tremblay gave a presentation of where Nanolive is today, the progress that was made over the last 12 months and what our projects are for the near future.

As mentioned, some big news were unveiled during the event:

– The hardware team showed the design of the next prototype of our 3D Cell Explorer. It is already the fourth prototype that was developed in just one year and it is becoming closer and closer to the final product (please find an image of the new prototype here)


– STEVE, our free software was presented in absolute première. People attending the event could try it out and have some fun with it. You will soon be able to download STEVE from our website for free. Here is an image of how the final user interface.


We could feel lots of enthusiasm around us which gave us a huge push and faith in being on the right path! 

Finally, I want to share with you some images taken during the night, THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!