FREE 6 months loan to undergrad biology course goes to…

Last May, we offered a 6 months free loan for the 3D Cell Explorer holotomographic microscope for undergraduate teaching.

We received many amazing applications from around the globe and have chosen one winner.


And the winner is….


… De Montfort University in Leicester for their BSc Biomedical Science (BMS) undergraduate course! Congratulations for winning a free 3D Cell Explorer from October to April for undergraduate teaching!

The competition jury was impressed by the BMS’s motivation to work with live cell imaging microscopy. Their current aim is to modernise taught practical classes. They are keen to fully promote modern and cutting-edge teaching methodologies and have been recently awarded the Teaching Educational Framework Gold award.

De Montfort University is planning to exploit the power of the 3D Cell Explorer microscope to observe live cell processes such as muscle contraction and autophagic cell death, and pathogens.

We are wishing the Biomedical Sciences course all the best with the 3D Cell Explorer and new insights to live cell imaging.

6 months free loan of the 3D Cell Explorer - university educational promotion