3D Live Cell Imaging presented at Dynamic Cell III in Manchester!

Nanolive will be attending together with our UK distributor IMSOL The Dynamic Cell III meeting from 19 to 21 March 2018 in Manchester (Conference Centre, Manchester, UK).

Dynamic Cell III

The Dynamic Cell conference is a unique opportunity to network and socialise with the cell biology community. A plenary talk by Tony Hyman and five symposia are scheduled between 19 to 21 March covering the following topics: (1) cytoskeletal dynamics, (2) cell-cell communication, (3) cell migration and the extracellular matrix, (4) cytoskeletal regulation of cell division, and (5) imaging and probing cell functions.

The 3D Cell Explorer

It is almost impossible to image the inside of a living cell without damaging it, even with the most modern devices. Traditional microscopy techniques require researchers to prepare their samples well in advance (1–72 hours). These procedures are likely to be invasive to the cells (risk of cell damage and cell stress). The 3D Cell Explorer was created using a disruptive technology which, for the first time, allows users to explore instantly the inside of a living cell in 3D without the need for any labeling or other invasive methods. Hence, label-free imaging is made possible with this 3D live cell microscope from Nanolive.

Do not miss this unique opportunity: come to talk to us, try out our unique 3D Cell Explorer and learn more about what it can bring to your research!

Video: Live imaging of mouse pre-adipocytes for 48 hours. 1 image per minute.

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