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Donate and make a difference in cancer research!

Nanolive are supporting cancer research by making a donation to the Worldwide Cancer Research of 3000 CHF for each new CX-A and 1000 CHF for each new CX-F systems placed in cancer research laboratories*.

If your lab is working on cancer research, you would like to acquire a new Nanolive system and you would like Nanolive to make a donation in your name, please fill out the form to register your interest. With your approval we will also feature and promote your lab and your work in cancer research in one of our blogposts.

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(* Nanolive will donate 3000 CHF for every CX-A and 1000 CHF for every 3D Cell Explorer-fluo placed in a laboratory working on cancer research. Donations will only be made with your signed approval as given on the date of installation. Only new units, sold at list price and installed between December 1st 2021 and May 1st 2022 will qualify)