Big news from Nanolive!

The last months have been overwhelming for Nanolive:

As previously announced, Nanolive successfully closed its first pre-order phase.

We were amazed how many journalists contacted us to help us spread the word: 
“Nanolive will enable scientists and students to finally look inside living cells.”

Particularly exciting was the feedback from the ASCB2014 meeting in Philadelphia where we came across many enthusiast journalists.

Kurt Thorn (Director of the  Nikon Imaging Center (NIC) at University of California San Francisco):
“Nanolive has an interesting quantitative phase tomography microscope that allows mapping of refractive index of a cell in three dimensions, potentially allowing segmentation of organelles and other cellular structures without staining.”

Barbara Goode (Editor-In-Chief of the journal BioOptics World):
[…] And Nanolive promoted its new 3D Cell Explorer: a high-resolution, live-cell tomography system that measures differences in refractive index to enable fast, quantitative measurements without sample prep. Notwithstanding the impressive achievements of Betzig, Hell, and Moerner, the company hopes to take chemistry out of the equation for cell imaging”.

* I want to share a secret with you: A more extensive article about our technology will appear on BioOptics World next month.

A special moment was when Joao Medeiros (Science Editor for WIRED UK) contacted us to write a full page article about our technology:
“[…] a new type of microscope developed by Swiss startup Nanolive, which allows researchers and medical doctors to peer inside living cells at high-resolution and in 3D.”

Also the local press honored us with different publications:

Fabrice Delaye (Reporter for the journal Le Bilan) wrote an article describing the work of different EPFL based start-ups titled “Enabling stem cell therapies“:
“[…] For Nanolive, another spin-off from EPFL, the ability to observe cells or stem cells while not interfering with them was also crucial. […] Nanolive has developed a disruptive microscopic technology that determines optical properties beyond the optical diffraction limit, allowing direct imaging of unstained living cells in 3D”.

 Le Bilan 

Yann Cotte (CEO), Andreas Kern (Co-Founder), Sebastien Equis (Co-Founder)

Anne-Laure Languille (Business journalist for Biotech Finance) writes:
“L’entreprise, basée à Ecublens, a déjà reçu plus de 45 précommandes provenant de États-Unis, du Canada, de la Corée du Sud, de l’Australie, de l’Europe et du Proche-Orient. Un beau résultat pour cette entreprise créée en 2013…”

Last, but not least Le Bilan honored us once more on a special issue where  Nanolive was selected among the best 50 Swiss start-ups companies in which to invest for 2015. From there comes also the cover photo of this post.

Not bad, eh?! Here the atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter: Keep tuned and don’t miss my Friday blog spam!

Before wishing you a very nice weekend,  I am very happy to invite you all to our NEXT NANONIGHT: March 4th at our HQ starting @ 6PM. A short presentation on our last progress will be followed by a convivial apéro where to meet and discuss about science and life!