Application Note: Growing and Filming Stem Cells with the 3D Cell Explorer

Our newest application note focuses on the proper set up of the 3D Cell Explorer with its incubation system to perform long-time imaging (up to weeks) of mammalian stem cells, at high spatio-temporal resolution and in 3D.


Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer allows for the creation of very powerful 3D images and 4D time-lapses of living cells with very high spatio-temporal resolution (x,y:180nm; z:400nm; t:1.7sec). However, to take full advantage of the microscope’s live imaging capabilities, a proper setup of Nanolive’s top stage incubator is necessary, especially when dealing with stem cells that are known to be sensitive to experiment-induced stresses.

Follow this link to read the complete application note.

Stem cells as never seen before!

Have a look at our example video of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells imaged with the 3D Cell Explorer for 15 hours.

Long Term Live Imaging of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells for 15 hours (click here for 3D view)