New Application Note: When Holotomography Meets Immuno-Oncology

In this application note we will discuss new research possibilities that arise from combining holotomography and immuno-oncology, which is more than ever in the spotlight. In fact, the 2018 Nobel Prize for Medicine went to Allison and Honjo for the discovery of a new strategy using antibodies to release the natural breaks that keeps the immune system from fighting cancer cells with spectacular results in melanoma and lymphoma for example, and brings significant hopes to people suffering from metastatic cancers (Allison, 2018). Uncovering such fundamental details of the immune system functions and dysfunctions is crucial. In this context, holotomography opens
new possibilities for research.

This application note will focus on the content of unique time-lapse imaging of immune system cells that have been produced with our technology and that will serve as a support to provide knowledge and inspiration for research.

Read the full application note here.

Video: Dead macrophage recycled by its fellow macrophages (1 image every 6 seconds). Video link: