Your chance to win a 3D surprise package for you and your colleagues!

Watch the video and impress us with your live cell imaging knowledge. We are asking you to describe all dynamic processes that you can observe.  E-mail us your answer to and mention the following:

  1. Time point and description of dynamic processes
  2. Where in the image the processes are happening
  3. Short statement describing the possibilities offered by live non-invasive stem cell imaging starting as “3D non-invasive live stem cell imaging allows …………….. “
  4. Lab or company you work for and which colleagues you will share the prize with!

Our bioteam will review your answers and the statement we like the most gets an extra point!

Analyze these cells today and win a nice 3D surprise package for you and your colleagues! The 3D surprise package includes 5 cinema tickets to your local cinema to watch a movie in 3D and two Swiss surprises!

The winner will be announced during ISSCR 2018 in Melbourne (JUNE 20 – 23) and the tickets will be purchased in the town of your choice!

About the video

Live FUCCI mESC were imaged for over 48 hours with the Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer. A holotomographic image was taken every 14 seconds while a double channel (green and red) epifluorescence image was only taken every 30 holotomographic frames (7:30 minutes). The difference in acquisition rate was performed to reduce fluorescence related phototoxicity. 
*Please note that the latest fluorescence image is displayed over the following 30 holotomographic images until a new one is acquired, for visualization purpose. The mismatch between the two signals is due to this image processing choice.