3D object detection and segmentation of a 3D RI map

Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer allows for the creation of very powerful 3D images of living cells with very high spatio-temporal resolution (x,y:180nm; z:400nm; t:1.7sec). Being able to detect objects in such images and segment them is key in leading-edge biological research based on imaging techniques. This is a rather complex task that requires specific knowledge and set of competences.

We have prepared a first easy and detailed application note where we describe how to segment an image obtained with the 3D Cell Explorer. The nuclei of HeLa cells grown in a 3D matrix were segmented in 3D with the help of Nanolive’s digital stain in combination with FIJI.

The goal of this note is to provide you with the basic computational tools and knowledge required to analyze your images.

Get inspired and repeat the process with your 3D Cell Explorer images!

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